Unit 2 information

We began unit 2 this week.  We will have a five question quiz Friday.

Unit 2 Congruence, Similarity, and Proofs Part A

Unit 2 Congruence, Similarity, and Proofs Part B

Homework this week has been completed in class




Welcome to Spring 2018

So excited to have everyone back for the spring semester.  Schedules are being corrected and adjusted as we speak.  Classes will be leveled to ease some overcrowding.  Please remember you must have passed Algebra 1 or be currently enrolled in credit repair for Algebra 1 to be in our geometry class.  It really is needed and if you don’t have those skills you will struggle unnecessarily in our geometry.


Geometry Syllabus_Spring2018

I am so very excited to try out Deltamath.com this semester.  Check it out for yourself.  All of our homework will be assigned through here and you are able to correct mistakes and practice your new skills.  My teacher code is 439874


Thank you in advance for helping support our students be successful!


Mr. Goss


Algebra 1…Unit 3 Factoring

We began with multiplying polynomials.  The “Area Model” is the method we used.  Some of you may have learned using “FOIL”, or many other methods of distribution.




We then moved on to factoring bi-nomials and poly-nomials.  Factoring helps us to eventually graph these equations.  Make sure you look for the GCF first..









Test make-ups (you did not take the test, left class early, etc.) will be held Monday, Tuesday, and Wednesday this week, after school in room 907.  The re-test for all classes will be held on Thursday at 3:40 pm in room 906.  This is for those who would like to improve their test grade.


Mr. G