Moving into March, Unit 4

GSE Geometry Unit 4 Student Notes Part A

.Unit 4 Circles and Volume TE PPTGSE Geometry

Unit 4 Student Notes Part B

Unit 4 Circles and Volume TE PPT Part B


This is Unit 4, thanks to Ms. Sailor and the Geometry team from 2017.  I will be adding things everyday in addition to this.


Progress report going out this week…

The semester is almost over.  A few words of encouragement here; it’s not too late to improve your grades.  Have you taken advantage of the test re-take opportunity?  Have you spoken to your teacher(s) to see what else YOU can do to improve? Have you attended tutoring sessions?


Test 2a RETAKES were today

Students were given the opportunity to improve their test scores by retaking their unit test.  Only 6 students showed to help improve their grade.  The average increase was 7 points in their class grade.  We spoke of this for the entire week, a poster was made and hung.  If your student did not take this opportunity I encourage you to ask them why not.


Thank you,